Facebook testing new 'downvote' button

Facebook confirms test of a downvote button for flagging comments

Facebook testing 'downvote' option after calls for a 'dislike' button

Maybe if there's a downvote button they can just do that and spare the world their misspelled apoplectic nonsense. There are other social media platforms or sites that have already made similar features available for their users.

Facebook is testing a "downvote" button, bringing us closer to the "dislike" button that users have demanded. By hitting the downvote button, you will be given a choice to flag the comment or post as "Offensive", "Misleading", or "Off-Topic".

Giving user the option to downvote a comment raises interesting questions about Facebook's role as a publisher, rather than simply a platform, and regulation or censorship of the content it hosts. However, it doesn't ease the fact that Facebook can oftentimes become an echo chamber, and - this is especially true on Reddit - the number of upvotes or downvotes doesn't accurately signify whether the post is right or wrong.

Many Facebook users have advocated for a "dislike button" ever since the creation of the "like button".

Refuting any testing for a dislike button and detailing the arrival of the downvote button, a Facebook spokesperson TechCrunch, "We are not testing a dislike button".

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According to BBC, "We are exploring a feature for people to give us feedback about comments on public page posts". This seems to be running for a small set of users in the US.

Users in the United States spotted a downvote icon had appeared next to the options to like or reply to a comment. This makes the new button different from the Like button as users can view the count of total likes on a comment.

Despite the name, Facebook's downvote feature does not work the same way as Reddit's downvote.

Facebook further said, this is just a short-term test and it will not affect the rankings of the comment, page or any particular post. Performing this will alert the owner of the page about the reported comment.

In early January, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in a blog post that the social media portal is taking a more "meaningful" direction this year. But the company at the initial stage, as claimed by an early report.

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