Senate leaders announce two-year budget deal

President Trump signs budget deal passed overnight by Congress

Congress votes to end brief government shutdown

Her speech is supporting Democrats' attempt to legalize Dreamers and she wants Republicans to act in support of this, too.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said during a press conference Thursday morning that she would not be voting in favor of the deal, in part because House Speaker Paul Ryan has not committed to an open amendment process when the House turns to the immigration debate. Nancy Pelosi's speech was ended in 8 hours and 5 minutes. The California Democrat spoke for just over eight hours, urging Republicans to bring a bill to the floor that would address DACA. "I wonder what that was?"

Before Pelosi's speech Wednesday, the longest floor remarks from a leader came from then-House GOP Leader John Boehner in 2009 speaking against the Democrats' cap and trade legislation. It's unclear whether she'll be able to whip her caucus into agreement, but either way we'll be watching, much more comfortably, from the comfort of our homes.

"The compromise we've reached will ensure that, for the first time in years, our armed forces will have more of the resources they need to keep America safe", Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor. A spokesperson reiterated that point to the New York Times, saying, "Speaker Ryan has already repeatedly state we intend to do a DACA and immigration reform bill-one that the president supports".

"Why should we in the House be treated in such a humiliating way when the Republican Senate leader has given that opportunity in a bipartisan way to his membership?"

House conservatives reject the citizenship pathway for Dreamers, calling it amnesty that encourages law-breakers, while House Democrats decry Trump's plans to curtail family-based immigration and end the diversity visa lottery.

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House Democrats have reversed course and started whipping members to vote against the bipartisan budget deal to fund the government and avert another shutdown.

Ms Pelosi was advocating on behalf of undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children, known as "Dreamers". While McConnell has scheduled a debate around DACA protections for next week in the Senate, the House has no plans to hold a similar debate. To Paul Ryan, she's making a serious pitch that her caucus cares deeply about the issue, and that if he really cares about avoiding a shutdown, he'll make the commitment she's asking for to allow a vote.

The 77-year-old's supporters took to Twitter, using the hashtag #GoNancyGo to support her efforts.

She was wearing four-inch-heels while delivering the speech and only sipped water, sources said.

"How about that Nancy Pelosi yesterday?" The minority leader mentioned one DACA recipient named Javier, who didn't realize he was undocumented until he was applying for college.

Pelosi read another letter from Jirayut New Latthivongskorn who said his parents brought him to the US from Thailand when he was nine years old.

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