"Text From Browser" Feature Could Be Coming To Android

The days of SMS as we knew it seem to be numbered

Google is Planning to Launch a Web Version for Android Messages

In a move that might bring a glint in the eyes of Android enthusiasts, Google is reportedly planning to bring the ability to send text messages from your computers.

It is not yet certain when, if ever, Android Messages will be rolling out the new messaging feature. When you are ready to connect to a browser, you access the URL for the online Android Messages experience, it brings up a QR code to scan, and then you scan that within Android Messages on your phone to connect the two. Thanks to Android Police's APK teardown, however, the latest version of Google's texting app lays the groundwork for a web interface and much more.

"The theme of the new strings is fairly unmistakeable, including common consumer terms like 'checkout and 'order summary.' Another key clue is the activity where these are displayed, which is named messaging.ui.businesspayments.PaymentsSummaryActivity", the report adds. The feature, codenamed "Ditto", has been spotted by Android Police in the code for the latest version of Android Messages. Once connected, people will be able to send and receive messages in the web interface.

You could soon be able to text from the browser on your computer. You open a link on your computer, which shows a QR code.

He also notes that all mainstream browsers may be supported, as they are all named in the code - including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

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TechJuice for Browser: Get breaking news notifications on your browser. It appears as if Google may just start building out RCS features into Android Messages without carrier support, since carriers aren't exactly rushing to join their party. This is as close of a mention to Rich Communication Services (RCS) as we have seen with Messages.

However, it would be advantageous for Android to introduce such a feature given the operating system's worldwide dominance.

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