Turkish Warplanes Pound Syria's Afrin District

Turkish Warplanes Pound Syria's Afrin District

Turkish Warplanes Pound Syria's Afrin District

On Thursday, the Syrian Civil Defense, known as the White Helmets, said 35 people were killed in a number of towns in the eastern Ghouta area, which has been pummeled by a combination of artillery and airstrikes.

The official said no U.S. troops were killed or wounded in the attack, which was carried out by some 500 fighters, but one Syrian fighter allied with the coalition was wounded.

But Defence Minister Florence Parly was more reserved on Friday when asked if Damascus had crossed a "red line" set out by Macron in May when he said the use of chemical weapons would spark reprisals from France.

Parly highlighted the fighting in rebel-held areas of Idlib province and eastern Damascus, where waves of Syrian government and Russian strikes have killed dozens of civilians in recent days.

World powers failed to back an appeal by United Nations officials for a month-long ceasefire to allow for desperately needed aid deliveries and medical evacuations. Turkish army releases statements every day but these are only amusing.

Pro-government forces had allegedly initiated "an unprovoked attack" against a Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) headquarters in Deir Ezzor province overnight, before United States airstrikes and artillery attacks thwarted their advances and killed at least 100 people, a US official said.

"The people here have collapsed, people are seen talking to themselves in the streets".

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Syria's state media said the coalition bombed government-backed troops in Khusham, describing them as tribal fighters. Citing its partners on the ground, it said 45 schools in Eastern Ghouta had been attacked since the start of the year, with 11 completely destroyed.

The Turkish army, which launched an air and ground offensive into the Afrin region last month, said it conducted further air strikes on Kurdish fighters there.

Local officials in Afrin are complaining that the Turkish strikes are creating a growing humanitarian crisis, noting that at least 160 civilians have been killed and tens of thousands of civilians displaced from their homes in the attacks. These numbers have not been independently confirmed, and Ankara denies the claim.

The Turkish military operation, which began on January 20, continues on Afrin and has so far killed 148 and injured 365 civilians, mostly women and children.

But Washington believes the two countries share fundamental underlying interests including Syria's stability, the defeat of Islamic State, and countering the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) which both Ankara and the West consider terrorists.

The move seems to be aimed at protecting Syrian and Russian forces, but it has had a peculiar side effect: Turkey has been forced to cease aerial support for its intervention against Kurdish forces in the Afrin region.

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