United Kingdom tech salaries amongst lowest in the world

Women in Tech  Flickr

Women in Tech Flickr

Tech companies who are looking to attract foreign talent are paying increased salaries - tech workers from overseas willing to relocate to the United Kingdom make almost over £12K more than local United Kingdom candidates.

A simple negotiation trick could be the answer.

United Kingdom tech salaries only grew 1.24 per cent over the past 12 months, and are not keeping pace with United Kingdom inflation rate of 2.8 per cent - this means salaries are in fact decreasing.

Last year, NY tech workers' salaries rose around 6 percent to an average of $129,000.

New York City tech workers are making more money than they did past year, but they're still being stretched thin by a sky-high housing market.

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But the data also showed that a person's race has what Hired called "a significant impact" on salary in the tech industry.

Interestingly, the data suggests both a cause and a solution.

"Black and hispanic candidates on the Hired platform set their preferred salaries lowest [at $124K]", Patel continued. Ultimately though, Hispanic candidates are offered $1K more than their black counterparts.

Black and Latinx workers asked for $124,000 on average; black employees were usually offered $130,000 (4.8 percent more than their ask) and Latinx employees were offered $131,000 (5.7 percent more than their ask). But even when an offer beats their initial request, it's still relative to the lower number. "For comparison, white tech workers ask for an average of $130K and Asian tech workers ask for an average of $127K". Under normal circumstances, a talent shortage tends to lead to higher salaries, raising questions of what makes this situation different. Patel said the lesson there is universal: Everybody gets more than they ask for.

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