Austria's David Gleirscher wins shocking gold in men's singles luge

Chris Mazdzer

Chris Mazdzer

Chris Mazdzer celebrates winning the silver medal in men's singles luge Sunday.

Chris Mazdzer won a silver medal in the luge singles at the Winter Olympics on Sunday in Pyeongchang, South Korea, becoming the first USA man to earn a medal in the event.

With a final time of 3:10.728, Mazdzer won silver thanks to a strong closing run over the last two rounds.

Gleirscher moved to the top of the standings with a composed final run but German Loch needed only to complete an error-free effort at the Olympic Sliding Center to be assured of his golden hat-trick.

Johannes Ludwig of Germany won the bronze medal and he said that countryman Loch's failure to even make the podium was proof that "he's only human too, like we all are". And when it comes to men's singles luge, Mazdzer will always be the first. He landed himself in fourth place after coming up short for third by one thousandth of a second, and he has two more runs on Sunday to decide it all.

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Mazdzer performed his best on the world's biggest stage to bring home his first Olympic medal.

Loch struggled in the final run and slipped all the way to fifth, ending his bid to become the second slider to win the event three consecutive times.

Chris Mazdzer just did what no American man has ever done.

Halfway through the four-round event, Mazdzer was in fourth place, with a total time of 1:35.517 - just one one-thousandth of a second behind Roman Repilov, Olympic Athlete from Russian Federation, but it would have been enough to keep him off the medal stand.

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