John Kelly willing to resign as scandal roils White House, officials say

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly walks with White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter to depart with U.S. President Donald Trump aboard the Marine One helicopter from the White House in Washington

John Kelly willing to resign as scandal roils White House, officials say

She said she shared the information with the Federal Bureau of Investigation last fall while it was conducting a background check on Sorensen, who had once been an adviser to Maine Gov. Paul LePage.

Trump did not express sympathy for the two women who this week gave graphic accounts of the verbal and physical abuse they said they suffered while married to Porter, who resigned on Wednesday. When the allegations first emerged against Porter, who downplayed the claims from two ex-wives, a number of senior aides rallied around him, and the White House acknowledged that personal relationships may have played a role in their response. They preferred to protect their buddy Rob, knowing that the president would take shrapnel if the domestic-abuse story blew up, rather than to protect Trump by taking the allegations against Porter seriously and moving swiftly to remove him. "Sorensen provided photos of what he said were injuries his ex-wife inflicted upon him during their fights, including bruises and scrapes", the newspaper also reported.

"We immediately confronted the staffer, he denied the allegations and he resigned today", spokesman Raj Shah said in a statement Friday.

Many White House senior staff members remained stunned by the accusations against Porter, a well-liked and seemingly mild-mannered graduate of Harvard and Oxford.

According to CNN's Friday report, Trump was not consulted when Hicks wrote the statement and he thinks the communications director put her own interests above his.

Months before Willoughby spoke to reporters and identified Porter by name, she published a blog post explaining the fear and anxiety she felt about leaving her marriage and going public about the abuse she said she had suffered at the hands of a powerful man who was well-liked and well-respected.

"As long as Donald Trump is president, our government is best served if John Kelly is in the job of chief of staff", Johnson said.

"It's a, obviously, tough time for him". The president said he had only "recently" learned of the allegations against his former aide and was surprised.

After Porter resigned, President Donald Trump praised his work.

Other White House officials have said it was the release of the photos Wednesday morning that sealed Porter's fate.

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Either way, we'll know soon enough. "I don't really want to be specific about that because, again, I don't even want that to matter to fans", he says.

But he was supportive of his former staff secretary.

"He totally denies it", Trump said of Moore after The Washington Post first reported the allegations.

Budget chief Mulvaney similarly said on Fox News Sunday that Kelly's rumored departure is "much ado about nothing".

On Friday, several White House aides described confusion among the staff about why Kelly and others had initially rallied to defend Porter, and some suggested that Kelly had tried to cover up what he knew.

Porter has denied the allegations and blamed a "smear campaign" against him.

"That's like saying: "That axe murderer out there, he's a great painter", Biden said.

"Is there any other crime - and it's a crime - where there'd be an explanation that the reason we shouldn't pay attention to the transgression is because they're good at something?"

Shah said that Trump was not aware until Tuesday of the accusations against Porter, who was a frequent presence in the Oval Office and helped craft last week's State of the Union address.

Trump has complained that Kelly did not bring the Porter allegations to him sooner, adding to his frustrations about the chief of staff's attempts to control him and Kelly's recent inflammatory comments about immigrants.

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