'Gimme ice cream!' says U.S. teen Kim after halfpipe masterclass

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17-year-old Chloe Kim is expected to become one of the next great American Olympic stars.

Looking forward to Tuesday's final, Kim added: "I was really nervous but I'm always more nervous during qualis (qualifying) so tomorrow I can really focus on what I want to do".

Two years ago, Kim became the first woman to land back-to-back 1080s - she did a frontside 1080 on one wall of the halfpipe, followed by a cab 1080 on the other wall - in a competition run.

Any time is a good time for ice cream, apparently.

"The pipe's been so good so I'm thankful the conditions have been so awesome", smiled the four-time X Games champion, who might have challenged for gold in Sochi four years ago - if she hadn't been too young to compete.

The world will be watching, and all signs point to the 17-year-old Kim leaving them convinced beginning Monday in her Olympics debut.

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As a result, many people lamented the idea that the Olympics would go on without her. Kim admits that she, too, was disappointed at the time. Her spunky attitude comes through on Instagram, where she often posts about food, especially candies and fast food. And as she heads to her first Olympics, to have gratitude for all the hard-earned lessons they've had together in snowboarding.

"We didn't really expect that you can bring her to the Olympics because her (mother's) family, my family, no one is an athlete out of our family history", Jong Jin said. "I'm so grateful to be out here and represent the U.S. in the country my family came from".

Clark stumbled on the last trick of her first run and didn't have her customary impeccable pass through the pipe on her second.

Her father would make the long, early-morning drive to Mammoth each day, with Kim asleep in the backseat.

That love of snowboarding has been what's allowed her to progress, Kim said.

They began to see the dividends in 2014. But I'm also not an Olympian. Her favorite flavor: vanilla Swiss almond. "At least I'd like to think so", she told Sports Illustrated.

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