Instagram now notifies users if someone takes a screenshot of their Stories

Instagram now notifies users if someone takes a screenshot of their Stories


As you know, the popular Stories feature on all most all every social media that supports it has a short span of life.

Now, Instagram will notify the person who has posted the Story on its Instagram profile whenever any user takes a screenshot or video of his/her story which will let the user know about who the person taking the screenshot is. With this new feature, a circle shutter icon will display next to the name of the account that has screen grabbed your content. Story owners otherwise won't be alerted when someone takes a screenshot - they can only tell after manually checking the "seen by" list. Notably, users can rewatch stories as many times as they want within 24 hours, with the creator unable to see exactly how many times one person watched it.

Understandably, this feature is introduced for privacy reasons as there were cases where the screenshots from Instagram Stories were misused by people. If you see the icon next to their name it means they snapped a screenshot. Literally, most of the IG users exploited this technique to save the posted stories, and the creator, of course, will be unknown of the fact.

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The company is performing this new test that's more likely meant to check if the new feature has any perceptible effects on user engagement, before resolving whether or not Instagram will be rolling out it to all the users. Anybody could take the screenshot of someone's photo or story without notifying the creator of the post or story.

Prior to this test the only screenshot notifications on Instagram were when someone took a screenshot of a private direct message. This new feature - the latest to be lifted from Snapchat - hasn't been turned on for all users in order for Instagram to first gauge response.

TechCrunch noted that rolling out screenshot alerts would effectively align Instagram with Snapchat, with screenshots in a direct message causing a notification to be shown to the sender, while screenshots of stories are shown in the list of viewers.

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