Kim Jong Un's sister departs South Korea

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games open on 9 February

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games open on 9 February

After arriving in Seoul on Friday, the North Koreans attended a chilly opening ceremony at Pyeongchang's Olympic Stadium, taking their place among world dignitaries, including USA vice-president Mike Pence and Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, who seemed to go out of their way to not acknowledge the North Koreans despite sitting just few meters away. Instead, he'd be treating the occasion as work, a chance to send a message to North Korea that the time for "strategic patience" is over. "And I share that". They both donned the red, white, and blue Team USA winter jackets. Pence and his wife, seated next to Moon and just a row ahead of Kim and the North's 90-year-old nominal head of state, remained in his seat, umsmiling. Perhaps even weirder about this story is that three days earlier CNN noted that Kim Yo Jong is always "thinking that at any given time, if she is to make one mistake, her brother could have her killed".

Meanwhile, Fred Warmbier, father of Otto Warmbier, an American student who died aged 22 after being detained in North Korea for a petty offence previous year, was not in the box with Pence but rather sitting with the U.S. athletes, according to The Washington Post Tokyo bureau chief Anna Fifield.

Kim delivered the North Korean leader's invitation to the South Korean President for a summit in the North Korean capital at the earliest possible opportunity, though it remains unclear if Moon has accepted it.

"They discussed the need to achieve a fair and reciprocal bilateral economic relationship and shared approaches to stemming the flow of deadly narcotics", Nauert said, adding the two looked forward to continuing discussions at an annual diplomatic and security dialogue in the first half of the year.

Pence had kept open the possibility for some contact with the North Koreans in South Korea, while reiterating Washington's insistence that denuclearization by North Korea is a necessary condition for peace.

But North Korea's awful record on human rights and the growing threat from its nuclear weapons program appeared out of mind. Moon's mention of the apology initially caused Abe to express doubt about accepting Seoul's invitation to attend the opening ceremony.

He said that when he met South Korea's defense minister in January, it was made clear "there is no wedge that can be driven between us by North Korea".

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"Our objective here today is to stand with our allies".

The games have turned into an opportunity to cool tensions between the two Koreas, after initial doubt that North Korea would participate at all.

North Korea, on the other hand, has reiterated on several occasions it has no plans to abandon its nuclear weapons program. They have to end the day of provocation and menacing.

North Korean cheerleaders let rip in support for Choe Un Song but he was eliminated in the heats for the 1,500m short-track speed skating, failing to reach the semi-finals.

"I think this overture towards South Korea is partly sanctions-related, and also related to the fact that it's clear a divergence has developed between Washington and Seoul's most keenly desired goals in the near term", said Andray Abrahamian, a research fellow at Pacific Forum CSIS in Hawaii.

"Moon is saying that although he is keen to reboot inter-Korean relations, the dialogue between the United States and the North is essential".

Moon did not appear until the fifth paragraph: "Attending it were President Moon Jae In and personages of political and social circles of south Korea".

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