Trump budget plan already outdated after budget deal

Last word on State of the Union Trump hit a grand slam Democrats looked glum

Budget director warns interest rates may 'spike' on deficit

His comment echoed Trump's February 9 tweet that Republicans "were forced to increase spending on things we do not like or want" to secure Democratic votes for the sharp buildup in military spending wanted by the White House and the Pentagon.

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump's budget director says that the budget the administration sends to Congress on Monday will seek to move billions of dollars in extra spending that Congress approved last week to areas that will reflect the president's priorities - including the wall between the US and Mexico.

The White House is pointing to a wide variety of potential cuts in its budget proposal that could be used to offset the costs of the plan. The rest is expected to come from state and local governments and private investment.

Trump's proposal, which he alluded to in his State of the Union address, puts a premium on states and localities willing to pay a larger share of the cost for construction projects, according to a senior administration official speaking on condition of anonymity in advance of Monday's announcement.

"Taxes are one of the ways that state and local governments could raise revenues, but are certainly not the only ways", another senior administration official told CBS News. "And yes, we want to ensure greater accountability so taxpayers understand the benefits they are actually receiving for their billions of dollars".

Half of the $200 billion in new federal money would go towards an incentive matching fund to encourage investments by state and local governments.

The administration would also increase infrastructure investment by funding corporate loans and activity bonds, where they say they expect up to $40 of investment for every federal dollar spent. The administration also says it will eliminate bureaucratic roadblocks to completing projects that can tie up new roads for years. The rural programme aims at that, the officials said. And how do we know they truly care about them?

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The remaining $100 billion involves $50 billion for rural project grants distributed to all states, $30 billion for government financing of projects and $20 billion toward "transformative projects" or new ideas that are not simply repairing existing infrastructure.

But in the face of a divided US Senate and congressional elections in November, administration officials acknowledged the plan faced a hard road to winning approval.

"And we will do it with American heart, and American hands, and American grit", Trump said. That levy has been 18.4 cents a gallon since 1993, and inflation as well as rising vehicle fuel efficiency have reduced its usefulness in raising enough money to keep pace with fix needs. The American Society of Civil Engineers said previous year that the USA would need to invest $4.59 trillion by 2025 to improve the country's infrastructure.

President Trump will finally unveil his long-awaited infrastructure plan on Monday.

A second major piece of the plan involves reforms to the federal permitting process, aimed at cutting the amount of time it takes for infrastructure projects to gain approval. The current permitting structure is overly concerned with preventing litigation and not enough on outcomes, the official said.

The plan would also increase workforce participation by extending Pell Grant eligibility to workers who want to receive technical training and lowering standards for professional licensing requirements and eligibility.

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