Android P will embrace the notch, leading to visual UI overhaul


Now I have an iPhone you might think i'm like these guys

Apple iPhone X's "notch" may have been a butt of jokes, but it is increasingly becoming clear that many Android smartphone makers are getting ready to go for similar design in their phones.

Android P will more tightly integrate Google Assistant as well as improve battery life and decrease the platform's CPU footprint. Google's intentionally building a "dramatic redesign" to capitalise on the anticipated lack of new features in Apple's upcoming iOS 12.

Of course, Google is also said to be planning to further embed Assistant into Android: the company is reportedly considering allowing third-party developers to directly integrate Assistant into their own apps.

There's no saying, however, whether Fuchsia and Android P are the same; Android P will likely be released towards the end of the year, while Fuchsia might still be a long way off.

Alongside a deeper Google Assistant integration in Android, the chat and conversational experience on Android devices may continue to change, with an upgrade to Android Messages on the way. I have no idea; I'd much prefer a phone without a notch to be honest.

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Say what you will about the iPhone X's notch, but it's a design choice that is not going away. At the same time, the next version of Android will reportedly play nice with various form factors, such as devices with foldable displays or multiple displays.

Although Google makes the Android operating system, a lot of other manufacturers make Android devices and often modify the software according to their requirements. Until now, we've seen a number of attempts to achieve that, with mixed results.

Google I/O developer conference is expected to be held from May 8 to May 10, 2018 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. That's not, however, Android P's final name.

Android P - the rumored follow-up to Google's Android Oreo OS - is said to be optimized for phones with new design types, Bloomberg reported Monday. The iPhone X's notch is one of the handset's most distinctive and divisive design components.

To maximize the device's display, the Essential Phone features a notch to house its front-facing camera.

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