Elon Musk's cherry red Tesla Roadster spotted 'zooming' in space

Tesla sticks by Model 3 target, warns spending could rise in 2018

Falcon Heavy Launch Further Proof Kennedy Space Center is Nation's Top Multi-User Spaceport

The outer core rockets both made successful landings, but the central rocket crashed into the ocean.

Replying to questions via Twitter, Musk revealed that the center booster ran out of ignition fluid and simply couldn't get all of its engines to fire before reaching the Earth.

Of course, it wasn't just the public at large that was exciting to see the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket successfully power its way through Earth's atmosphere and beyond. SpaceX is also building a new drone ship for rocket landings at sea, he added.

Once A Shortfall of Gravitas joins Of Course I Still Love You, SpaceX can handle increased launch operations efficiently and can also land as many boosters as possible so as to make rocket launch cheaper.

White House wants to privatize International Space Station
The proposal doesn't say what companies would take over or what private enterprise might want to do with the station. Boeing now operates the station for NASA, which costs $3 to $4 billion annually.

Now that the Falcon Heavy has flown, more work remains to refine the rocket and develop its successor, the so-called BFR booster and spaceship that he hopes will one day be bound for Mars. The name is presumably meant to honor the spacecraft in Iain M Banks' novels "Look to Windward" and "Matter" that was called "Experiencing A Significant Gravitas Shortfall". "Just Read the Instructions" is in the Pacific for launches from Vandenberg, and "Of Course I Still Love You" in the Atlantic for launches from Cape Canaveral.

Two of the boosters land at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station after the launch of SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket from launch pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center on February 6, 2018 in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

After the Falcon Heavy launch, from Kennedy Space Center, the rocket's the rocket's center core missed the Of Course I Still Love You ship by about 300 feet, but the force created by its 300 miles per hour water impact damaged the ship's two engines. Musk's auto company went up against not just traditional vehicle companies but also Big Oil, forcing the entire industry to dramatically accelerate plans to adopt electric cars.

The fix, he said, was "pretty obvious". Musk has said in the past that SpaceX's fairings cost about $5 million, so catching them for reuse could be a significant savings. It has many private-sector uses, including communications satellites.

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