Google Wants To Bring Smart Replies To More Chat Apps

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If you happen to use Gmail, Inbox, Google Allo, or Android Messages on Project Fi, you no doubt know (and love!) Smart Reply. You can fill out this form for a chance to beta test Reply once it's available.

One of the many projects that we're working on within Area 120 is Reply, which suggests smart replies right in notifications from various chat apps. Lastly, it has a vacation responder feature that will tell people if users are not working on the basis of checking their calendar.

If you're interested in testing out Reply and other applications from Area 120 in the future, your best bet is to sign up to join the incubator's Early Access Program. A few other apps have implemented it as well, like Android Messages, but usually not in notifications. The project, simply called "Reply", will allow users who sign up - now available to Android users only - the ability to use "smart replies" in their favorite mainstream chat applications like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Twitter's Direct Message feature, Whatsapp, and Hangouts. It includes apps like WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Facebook, Messenger, Slack, Skype and Twitter DMs.

The new project is aptly named "Reply", which can be viewed as the mobile version of Google's Smart Reply feature that is available in Gmail and Allo. Reply will be able to silence users' phone when they are driving, and it will also inform people who send a message that the user can not chat at the moment.

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Smart Reply was first introduced by Google for its email app called Inbox.

The replies take into consideration the user's current location to help with crafting the correct response - like a "yes" or "no" if you've arrived somewhere, or the time it will take you to drive to a given location, for example. If, for example, a recipient gets an invitation to a party or a meeting, the AI will automatically interpret this and provide appropriate responses like "I'll be there", or "See you!" or something along those lines. When you get an urgent message like "We're waiting for you!"

The project, like all Area 120 projects, is unrelated to any broader developments at Google - in this case, that means it's not directly tied to Google's messaging efforts. Reply will also have several automated features too.

The effort is very early - Area 120 is still soliciting users willing to give it a shot.

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