UPS will deliver 88 million flowers this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can be the busiest day of the year for florists

Valentine's Day can be the busiest day of the year for florists

Keeping Valentine's Day flowers looking fresh and vibrant takes a few steps.

The tradition isn't going anywhere. "It's an easy one for guys to pick up and give, but we do make custom arrangements if they want to do something different". However, just over a quarter (28%) of all transactions (between 11 - 14 February) were made on Valentine's Day itself.

"We're making roses and arrangements, as we speak, we're taking orders from people who come in We've got two phone lines running at the same time so we're busy busy", said King. "Every time I was over there she had something for me to plant and I've been dealing with flowers ever since".

"Our biggest issue is that these flowers are coming from countries with known pests and diseases that we don't want [here in Australia]", he said. "And 'tuzy muzy, ' another word we used".

Numerous flowers bought in northern Nevada, grow in Ecuador almost 4,000 miles away.

For example, while a red rose can express love, a yellow rose could signify a decrease in love or jealousy. And there's been a 23 percent increase in travel experience expenses ahead of Valentine's Day, suggesting couples are planning some type of excursion ahead of time. Men purchase about 75 percent of them to melt some lucky person's heart.

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The council's website said flower farms in Kenya employed more than 100,000 people and were on track to expand greatly over the next five years. "It really makes you feel happy you're doing this". He's getting a jump on Mother's Day.

KellyCo has been a popular florist for many years, with thousands of customers trusting them for their various special occasions.

The folks over at Serendipity realize that some people have to buy their flowers last minute. "Search the word florist with the zip code you're trying to have the flowers to deliver to and skip down to where you get the organic search results, and usually you can find someone who is local", he said. "I wouldn't suggest it". Baraboo Floral typically sells 150-200 arrangements for Valentine's Day.

Ordering flowers for the big day is a delicate balance of not ordering too many and not running out.

Avoid placing the flowers on or near a heat source. One is a timeless pure white, the other is a attractive combination of green and lilac, and the third is majestically lovely for a combination of white and lilac. To alleviate this, cut the stems once the flowers are home. A commercial preservative, which is often provided for free by florists, is said to be the best.

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