Snapchat Redesign Petition crossed 1million Signatures

Snapchat logo on a smartphone. – AFP

Snapchat logo on a smartphone. – AFP

But Snapchat users are saying the new layout is hard to use.

Now, there's a designated page for publishers and a page for friends.

"Many "new features" are unworthy or conquer the original functions Snapchat has had for the previous decades", the petition says.

This is a big move for Snapchat and just the latest effort to gain more users and keep users engaged.

Snapchat founder and chief executive Evan Spiegel said recently that the firm understood the redesign may take time to be accepted.

The petition, started by Australian Snapchat user Nic Rumsey four weeks ago, said that many users were now resorting "risky" methods to try and reverse the update or reinstall older versions of the app.

Another issue bugging users: Snapchat quietly rolled out the changes as opposed to releasing them as a more formal update users could opt to download.

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A Snap spokesperson told CNBC that "updates as large as that one can take a little getting used to, however, we hope the community will appreciate it once they settle".

Snapchat faces increased pressure from photo sharing app Instagram, which has incorporated several features from its rival such as the ability to post Stories that disappear after a set period of time. To find your friends' stories, you will have had to swipe left, where they now sit interspersed within your direct messages.

"They hadn't realised the value that influencers add to the app", he said.

"One person tweeted "@Snapchat HATE the new #update", while another wrote, "think I use snapchat 90% less than what I did before the update".

"How many people have to hate an update for it to be reconsidered?" she asked.

A user posted: "Snapchat is too confusing now going to have to swap over to Instagram #snapchatupdate #Snapchat #confused".

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