Passengers Behave Violently on Carnival Legend

Mass brawl erupts on cruise ship after 'man steps on passenger's flip flop'

Security officers appear to get involved in the brawl

According to news in Australia which is where the Carnival cruise ship is based, there were brawls onboard involving around 30 people and the clashes were between two groups of cruise ship passengers.

An extended family had their vacation cut short after numerous incidents of violence resulted in the entire group getting booted from their cruise days earlier than expected.

Shocking details leaked from the ship claim guests were "scared for their safety" on the 10-day cruise in the South Pacific and that it all started over a thong - the Australian for flip flop - was stepped on.

A passenger not involved in the fracas filmed some of the fight that shows multiple people engaged and soon security guards and crew attempting to intervene.

A fracas erupted in a bar area, with passengers, crew and security guards caught up in a flurry of punches and kicks.

Carnival insists that cruising still provides a safe and enjoyable environment for guests.

The footage captures other passengers cheering as the family is escorted off of the ship.

Police say an operation is underway on the state's south coast after the marine area command received reports of people fighting on the ship.

A Carnival Legend cruise bound for Melbourne has made an unscheduled stop at Eden in southern NSW on Friday as police step in to evict the unruly passengers following days of onboard violence.

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"This is all over a thong, not a foot, a thong being stepped on and being instantly apologized for", he said.

"They were looking for trouble from the minute they got on the ship", one woman said.

"Yesterday the friend we were travelling with was subjected to a large violent outburst. he was essentially thrown to the ground, it was completely unprovoked", she said, adding she believes the violence may have been triggered when her friend made eye contact with the group as they were chasing down another passenger.

"He said: 'Please, Dad, please Dad, call the federal police".

"There were limited and isolated events with the family in question", she said.

'We will not be leaving our cabins and are truly scared for our safety and what could happen in the next 24 hours'.

"The ship's highly-trained security staff have taken strong action in relation to a small group of disruptive guests who have been involved in altercations on board", a statement said.

A Carnival Cruise Line spokesman said safety was the number one priority.

Barkho's son told him that he could see "a lot of people bleeding, a lot of people down on the ground".

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