Apple Employees Keep Smacking Into Their New Headquarters' Glass Walls

Apple Campus

People Keep Walking Into Glass at Apple Park

While employees have been walking into the glass windows at the new campus, it does not appear that anyone has been injured, at least to the extent that it would be reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Surrounding the Cupertino, California-based building are 45-foot tall curved panels of safety glass.

Last year, Apple finished construction on its new 175-acre campus, designed by the company's design chief Jony Ive and British architectural firm Foster + Partners.

According to Bloomberg, the design is heavily focused on glass and includes work pods made out of plenty of glass. Reports are coming in that employees keep walking into the structure's glass walls and hurting themselves. In order to help mitigate the issue, many employees started to use Post-it notes to remind others that there's glass ahead. However, these had to be removed because "they detracted from the building's design".

Apparently, Apple's new Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California, isn't just an architectural beauty, but it's also a little bit risky. Jobs has been credited for coming up with the glass pods, created to mix solo office areas with more social spaces.

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"While it is a technical marvel to make glass at this scale, that's not the achievement", Jony Ive told Wired after the opening past year.

Housing 13,000 employees, the building might as well be seen as a true wonder where people feel they are free to connect and go as they please.

KTVU reached out to Apple for a comment and has not yet heard back.

It's not the first time Apple's penchant for glass in buildings has caused problems.

In an effort to curb cranial collisions, unidentified company employees took to placing Post-It notes on glass walls as a way of warning their colleagues. In late 2011, 83-year-old Evelyn Paswall walked into the glass wall of an Apple store, breaking her nose.

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