Twitter just got rid of its extremely unpopular Mac desktop app

Twitter Mac App

Twitter Kills Mac Client

Twitter closing down its own Mac store app is more of a closing note than a major loss to its offerings for users.

San Francisco, Twitter has announced it is ending support for its dedicated desktop Mac application and that it has pulled it from the web and from Apple's App Store.

Twitter has officially gutted its desktop client for Mac, saying it's instead going to focus on providing "a great Twitter experience" that's consistent across all platforms. Last September, Twitter chose to remove their app from the Apple Watch, as it was presumably not gaining as much user attention as they originally expected. This should come as little surprise, considering Twitter outsourced the development of its Mac app.

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Twitter finally decides to take down its less-popular app on Apple Mac. "Twitter on web", the company suggested in a tweet. Since then, other third-party apps such as Twitterific and Tweetbot have developed at a faster rate, making the official app obsolete. For example, Twitter introduced its Moments feature in October 2015, but it didn't become available on the Mac app until May 2016.

Interestingly, when the app was called "Tweetie", it was well received by users. That said, using Twitter on the web doesn't always prove to be the best experience for some users, as it could get cumbersome, too.

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