Israel's Netanyahu could act against Iran's "empire"

Germany doesn't want to leave nuclear deal with Iran

Israel's Netanyahu attacks 'dangerous Iranian tiger'

Israel said it shot down the drone on 10 February after it entered the country from Syria.

With a theatrical flourish, Netanyahu brandished a rectangular piece of dark green metal at the podium.

The comments came Sunday after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country had shot down an Iranian drone in its airspace, and would "act if necessary" against Iran and its proxies, such as the Lebanese militia Hezbollah.

Zarif also said that the loss of a fighter jet by Israel during the latest flare-up on the Syrian border tarnished the image of invincibility the Israeli military has.

In response, Zarif slammed what he called Netanyahu's "cartoonish circus", adding it "does not even deserve the dignity of a response".

Holding up what he said was a remnant of the downed drone during his speech, Netanyahu said: "Mr Zarif, do you recognise this?"

If the US abandons the current nuclear deal it's unlikely Iran would consider a new one, Kerry said.

Again referring to Zarif, who is expected to speak later in Munich, the Israeli leader said: "No doubt Mr Zarif will brazenly deny Iran's involvement in Syria".

Under the JCPOA, Iran undertook to put limits on its nuclear program in exchange for the removal of nuclear-related sanctions imposed against Tehran.

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"We know what the world looks like without the Iran nuclear agreement", he said Sunday, speaking at the same conference.

Israel's response marked the first time it publicly acknowledged hitting Iranian targets in Syria since the 2011 start of the civil war there.

In 2012, speaking at the United Nations, he notably showed a simplistic drawing of a bomb with a lit fuse, supposedly indicating how close Tehran was to becoming a nuclear threat.

Netanyahu reiterated Sunday that Israel would not let Iran obtain a permanent foothold in its northern neighbour.

Back in January, President Donald Trump gave the Iran nuclear deal a final reprieve but warned European allies and Congress they had to work with him to fix "the disastrous flaws" in the pact or face a USA exit.

Netanyahu said that as the Islamic State militant group has lost ground, Iran and its allies were surging into territory, "trying to establish this continuous empire surrounding the Middle East from the south in Yemen but also trying to create a land bridge from Iran to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza".

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, an opponent of the deal, said Sunday that if the US refuses to keep approving the deal "I think they'll do nothing".

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that Israel "will never allow the rewriting of the historical truth" about the Holocaust - a statement that comes as tensions between Israel and Poland over the issue flare anew.

Lebanon's Defense Minister, Yacoub Riad Sarraf, who spoke after Netanyahu, warned against intervention: "Watch out, we will defend ourselves ... we also have friends".

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