Marilyn Manson breaks down on stage before cutting his concert short

Marilyn Manson Live in Roma 25 July 2017

Livioandronico2013/Wikipedia Commons

Marilyn Manson reportedly had a "meltdown" on a stage in NY this week where he delivered "incoherent rants" before ending the show.

The Dope Show artist, who had a cast on his leg, abruptly left the show, which was in support of his new record Heaven Upside Down, TMZ reported, noting that security ordered fans to leave the venue.

According to, some concertgoers said that Manson went on many rants and reportedly asked them to say they love him.

The show at The Paramount concert hall in Long Island had already started 90 minutes late, and after performing just five songs, the Beautiful People singer then began mumbling into his microphone as he walked across the stage, pushing over an amp as he did so.

In a series of posts on her Twitter account (which has since been deactivated), Yi explained how Marilyn Manson acted towards her and others when he visited the set of House, which Yi starred on during the show's final season.

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Yi, 32, said she was later harassed by Manson's fans on Twitter, who told her to die and blamed her for the incident she recalled.

'A couple songs in, he went into a conversation with the crowd about how much we loved him (or not). Once he was temporarily satisfied, it didn't improve. That's fine, and everyone did their best to scream as long as we could. Strangely, some of the fans were angry about Manson leaving 3 songs into a set, but not that he made fun of women and degraded them. But once it got to be 10 minutes of begging for adoration and no music, I think we all started to realize something was wrong. By the time the show ended, fans were reportedly chanting, "Refund!".

One person wrote, "it was the strangest, saddest, and the worst concert" they had ever attended. I was sad and bewildered. I know he's been hit with a bunch of personal losses within a few months, so it is easy to see how that could be affecting him (though I can't speak for how he really feels inside, of course).

"Ugh don't even get me started on Marilyn Manson".

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