Maisie Williams Reacts to Rumors About the Ending of 'Game of Thrones'

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Maisie Williams Knows How Game of Thrones Ends...And So Does Her Mom!

The late-night host asked if she knew what's in store for the HBO hit series. She said this after admitting she lives her life in fear of revealing something not yet announced by HBO. "I have nothing to lose right now, because I don't have Game of Thrones anymore". She claimed that she has read the script of the final episode to which Kimmel jumped and asked her whether HBO is going to shoot multiple endings to protect the secret or not.

"I heard this and I thought, 'I don't think we got the budget to shoot multiple endings, '" said the actress who's now filming the final season.

Kimmel responded, "Well, he's the president, so he would know if you have the money or not". She thought it was "incredible", so much so that she had to lie down in bed while reading the script, presumably to let the "Game of Thrones" ending sink in easier. The British actress joked in response, 'As we know, sometimes presidents don't always tell the truth'.

"Probably not. They [producers] said 'don't give them to anyone, '" she said, before adding that she had created a monster. "I sent my mom the scripts", she admitted.

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The actress, 20, addressed the rumors that Game of Thrones would be shooting multiple endings so that no cast or crew member would know the exact ending, and also to throw off any spoiler mongering fans.

"My mother is the last person I would give those scripts to, literally the last person", Kimmel quipped.

Back in January, Williams took to Twitter to clarify reports that she had revealed details of the upcoming eighth season of Game of Thrones in an interview with Metro, which she said was false.

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