Marvel Comics is Rebooting - Again!

Marvel Comics announces line-wide relaunch 'Fresh Start' (update)

Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness Relaunch “Avengers” With #1 in May

The editor in chief also says the relaunch will feature the biggest line-wide change in artistic talent since 2012's Marvel Now! relaunch. A new video teases a great deal of changes for Marvel Comics, including new directions for the characters, new titles, and new creative teams.

Revamping Marvel's comic empire is no small feat, so it makes sense that one of the first maneuvers in this relaunch is a recalibration of its most potent superhero team. According to chief creative officer, Joe Quesada, the upcoming books are not only bringing "fresh new ideas", but are also flawless entry points for both old and new readers. As the first step in the "fresh start" initiative, Marvel is relaunching Avengers with a brand new series that brings back the classic lineup alongside some new faces. Marvel's numerous Avengers titles will be condensed to a single book, Avengers, which will kick off in Avengers #1 in May.

Free Comic Book Day takes place on May 5, one day after the North American theatrical opening of Avengers: Infinity War. Specifically, the portions set in the past will focus on the Avengers of 1,000,000 B.C. introduced in Marvel Legacy #1.

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It seems as though the confusion surrounding Marvel Legacy, and the rather unsuccessful year Marvel had in 2017, has resulted in another reboot for the comics giant.

Since this is a fresh start for the company, Marvel plans to revert many of its books to #1.

Also in the video, Cebulski says that he has never seen those working at Marvel as excited as they are now. For those who have been paying attention to Marvel's comic book output over the past few years, this is just the latest incarnation of a now annual promise of a new status quo.

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