Mumbai Doctors Removed World's largest brain tumour, weighing almost 2kgs

The grueling procedure which took place at the BYL Nair Charitable Hospital lasted seven hours local reports state

The grueling procedure which took place at the BYL Nair Charitable Hospital lasted seven hours local reports state

The tumour, weighing a whopping 1.873 kg, is the largest of its kind to be excised successfully anywhere in the world, said Professor and Head of Neurosurgery at BYL Nair Charitable Hospital, Dr Trimurti D. Nadkarni.

Neurosurgeon Trimurti Nadkarni told AFP the operation took seven hours to complete and the patient required 11 units of blood. Nadkarni said that Pal was fortunate that only 10 percent of the tumor's body was inside the brain, lest the surgery would have been aborted from the start.

A shopkeeper from Uttar Pradesh said that Mr. Pal's tumour grew rapidly over the past one year. Examination revealed a tumour measuring 30 x 30 x 20 cm, shocking the living daylights out of the medical staff at the hospital, who had never seen such a large one before. The mass appeared as large or larger than Santlal Pal's head.

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The tumor had been growing on Pal's head for three years now, and suddenly became so massive over the past year. Doctors said the tumour led to loss of vision, but they hoped he would gradually regain his eyesight. "His tumour was totally excised along with involved skull bone and that which had invaded into the brain", he said. The patient is a resident of the state Uttar Pradesh. "The part of the tumour within the skull was removed by making an opening in the skull". Live Science has reached out to Nair Hospital for more information. He is hopeful that he will eventually regain his sight. At the moment, Mr. Pal is recuperating in the hospital's ICU.

Srikant Balasubramaniam, with the neurosurgery department at Nair Hospital, told the Indian Express that the medical centre treats about 500 brain tumours per year, half of which are in advanced stages.

After Performing various tests, the doctors came to know that the tumour invaded into the brain on both sides of the midline through the skull bone.

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