, Inc. (AMZN) Is Opening More Amazon Go Stores

Amazon will reportedly open 6 more cashierless stores this year

Amazon plans to open as many as six more cashier-less Amazon Go stores this year

As many as six Amazon Go locations could open in 2018, sources familiar with Amazon's plans have informed Recode.

The first Amazon Go store opened one month ago to much fanfare, after more than 12 months of hype that only crescendoed as the company delayed the public opening by about a year.

In the first Amazon Go store in Seattle, there are workers who prepare fresh food and meals in an open kitchen visible to shoppers.

AndNowUKnow will report on any updates for this and other intriguing stories in the buy-side and beyond for the produce industry.

An Amazon spokesperson told GeekWire that the company doesn't comment on rumors or speculation.

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Amazon says it has been developing the Amazon Go concept and the technology that powers it for a total of five years now.

And Amazon doesn't plan on just making that Seattle store a single showcase. When customers leave, Amazon Go's systems automatically debit their accounts for the items they take, sending the receipt to the app. Once a shopper steps inside, the store's "Just Walk Out" technology - a combination of sensors, computer vision and deep learning - detects what items have been taken off and returned to shelves, keeping track inside a virtual cart. Amazon has also been slowly blurring the lines between these businesses, adding integrations between Amazon and Whole Foods like rapid delivery.

Three new locations in Seattle have been identified by the company, according to the report, as well as one in Los Angeles.

News of the planned expansion of the Amazon Go concept is sure to set off fresh concerns about the great societal challenges that come with the type of automation that Amazon is inventing.

The store cemented Amazon's evolution into a "clicks and bricks" retailer and adds to its £10.7 billion takeover of Whole Foods and its 470 stores worldwide past year.

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