Barclays' gender pay gap is "shocking"

The supermarket said it was looking to bolster female representation in senior roles

The supermarket said it was looking to bolster female representation in senior roles

Some 143 (13%) pay women more while just 30 (3%) pay both sexes the same.

Commenting on the gender pay gap at Barclays International, which was announced today, Rt Hon.

"As part of our Women in Finance inquiry, we will keep a close eye on organisations as they report their gender pay gap before the April 2018 deadline".

Barclays has revealed that women on average earn almost half of what men do at the bank's global division, in figures published today.

"The ratio of 2:1 for men in the best-paid jobs should also be a concern to the company - and its 26 shareholders in the regional and national press".

Earlier this year it was revealed the mean hourly rate for women was 52% lower than for men at easyJet, while the figure stood at 33% lower at Virgin Money.

Tenet group finance director Keely Craig said: "Tenet is committed to reducing the gender pay gap over time and as we state on our website, we are confident that our gender pay gap does not stem from paying men and women differently for the same or equivalent work but rather is the result of the roles in which men and women work within the company and the salaries that these roles attract".

At the other end of the scale women's hourly rate is 46.4% higher than men at manufacturer Sweet Dreams, based on the mean hourly rate.

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Other retailers that have so far revealed their gender pay gap details include Phase Eight, the N Brown Group, John Lewis, White Stuff and New Look.

Female bankers are paid 48% less than men on average at Barclays.

"The demographics of our population and the resulting gender pay gaps emphasise the importance of maintaining our firm commitment to increasing female representation across Barclays, particularly among the senior leadership population", it said.

Mr Staley told reporters today: "We are very focused on diversity at Barclays across the board and that includes gender equality".

Octopus Group chief executive Simon Rogerson said: "The challenge isn't the inequality of pay but an issue of there not being enough women in senior roles".

Tesco's Gender Pay Report 2017 said its gender pay gap was due to "career and lifestyle choices", with male workers being more likely to take shifts at times that offer premiums, such as nights and bank holidays.

"As one of the fastest growing businesses in the United Kingdom attracting and retaining talent is a key priority for us, and we are absolutely committed to ensuring our staff are paid fairly, irrespective of gender or any other aspect of diversity".

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