Stephen Fry Opens Up on His Secret Battle With Prostate Cancer

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Comedian Stephen Fry announced that he had prostate cancer and detailed his battle in a touching video.

Fry said he had gone to his doctor just before Christmas to get a flu jab when signs of the cancer were first noticed.

The TV presenter said he underwent surgery in January to have the prostate removed and that "it all seemed to go pretty well".

He confirmed that the operation was a success, adding: "So far as we know, it's all been got".

"I've been keeping my head down as much as possible as obviously you want to get better without strangers, with the best intention in the word, sending you cards, flowers and letters, because you have to answer them all, and I wasn't quite up for that".

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Fry explains in the video: 'I went into one of those MRI imaging suits.

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The tests revealed he had higher than usual PSA levels, an indicator that there could be a problem with the prostate.

"I don't know if you know what PSA are, if you are a man you certainly should, it stands for prostate specific antigens, these are the things that the prostate gives out if its under attack from a tumour".

"But if there's anything left on the bed of the prostate where they've taken it out, it may have spread and I'll have to get radiotherapy and the whole damn thing will start again". He's a kind of cancer-y person I can see that now.' That's how one looks at people who have cancer.

"For the moment I'm fit and well and happy", he said.

He thinks the early intervention of his doctor, who is a childhood friend, saved his life.

In a 13-minute YouTube video posted to his own website, he called it "mischievous" but praised his family and his "darling husband" Eliott Spencer after a trans-rectal biopsy.

And the other was to get rid of the prostate - to get it out.

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