YouTube Apologizes For Trending Conspiracy Video On Florida Survivor



Shortly afterwards, Hogg's name appeared again in the trending section of Facebook, after the social media network was similarly used to share conspiracy videos.

After Hogg had mentioned in an interview that his father was a retired Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, some online conspiracy theorists drummed up the idea that he was in cahoots with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to criticize President Trump.

It is just one part of that vast conspiracy, and other videos on the site include videos of Mr Hogg supposedly forgetting his lines while talking to camera and outright allegations that he is a "crisis actor", and wasn't actually an eyewitness to the shooting at all. He has been featured as a guest on networks like CNN and CBS.

On social media, the interview from a year ago is being pointed to as "evidence" to suggest that Hogg is a "crisis actor", a regular theme of conspiracists, who believe actors appear at the sites of tragedies.

Unfortunately, there are apparently thousands of people out there ready to smear school shooting survivors with fake conspiracy theories in an effort to hold onto their automatic weapons. "I went to school with him at Redondo Shores High School in California and he graduated in 2015".

Hogg says he doesn't understand the resentment.

The conspiracies being peddled about Stoneman Douglas students children come as Trump plans to meet with victims of several school shootings to talk gun-control proposals. Hogg's status as a Stoneman Douglas student has been confirmed.

Hogg (above with his mother and former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent father Kevin and his sister) moved to Florida in 2014 with his family.

On the right is David Hogg. "I'm trying to be as well spoken as possible because these politicians won't", he tells Fujii.

David Hogg is under the spotlight. During the massacre, Hogg also recorded interviews with fellow students as they hid from the shooter.

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Most of those claims were published by self-described 'conservative news organizations.' GOP news aggregator True Pundit wrote "BUSTED" in a viral tweet claiming Hogg was con.

Even first son Donald Trump Jr.

The conspiracy theories have spilled into the ranks of government, too. Kelly has since been fired.

Some Republicans have called out the conspiracy theorists. Marco Rubio of Florida to publicly condemn those spreading them.

He tweeted: "Claiming some of the students on tv after #Parkland are actors is the work of a disgusting group of idiots with no sense of decency". "I'm somebody that had to witness this and live through this and I continue to have to do that", David Hogg told Anderson Cooper.

Uploaded on 20 February by a "mike. m", the video tapped into percolating conspiracies that numerous survivors of last week's shooting were "crisis actors" hired by left-wing activists to promote certain agendas.

It's true that Hogg's father is - or was - an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent. Here's proof Hogg is a student at Stoneman Douglas High School. "I'm not a crisis actor".

During an interview about the suggestions Hogg said: 'Unlike the people who are tweeting that stuff about me and my dad, I haven't lost hope in America and my dad hasn't either'.

That story was one of the most shared links Thursday among the Russian bot network tracked by Hamilton 68.

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