Deezer enters Voice Activation market with Amazon Alexa

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Deezer music streaming service now supports Alexa voice control

Amazon's Alexa apparently thinks something is pretty amusing, but isn't letting anyone in on the joke. With Alexa voice control being added as a new feature, Deezer will be available to listen to on Amazon Echo devices, Sonos One, UE Blast and Megablast speakers and any other speaker that supports Alexa voice control. In the video we hear Alexa let out a casual laugh without any obvious prompt for doing so. Another Twitter user said an Echo whistled without prompting.

Users have been posting about the issue on social media for the past two days, with one claiming he asked Alexa to turn off the lights, but instead heard a woman laugh.

Some users report the laugh happening randomly for no apparent reason, sometimes in the silence, other times interrupting a conversation or different activity. And then i realized it was listing off local cemeteries and funeral homes???

"I thought a kid was laughing behind me", CaptHandlebar tweeted.

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Users of Amazon's Alexa in recent weeks have reported the voice-activated software laughing, seemingly unprompted.

Amazon first introduced Alexa alongside the Amazon Echo in November 2014.

Amazon told The Verge it was "aware of this (issue) and working to fix it". The assistant was apparently inspired by the computer onboard the Starship Enterprise of "Star Trek".

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