Android P embraces the notch as it kills the Nexus

Android P may allow you to use your phone as a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse

Android P will allow you to use your phone as a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard

This new feature has been hinted at by a few code commits, which seems like it's how we're finding out about all of Android P's new features. So far, changes include built-in support for devices with a camera notch that cuts into that cuts into the display, a redesigned Quick Settings pane, and refreshed look throughout the system, native HEIF image support, and more. A patch for this was committed back in December 2016, but has been disabled. This will allow your Android P powered handset to be used as a QWERTY keyboard or mouse using Bluetooth.

As we inch closer to the launch of the first Android P Developer Preview, which is rumored to be released as early as mid-March, we are being introduced to more and more features that the next iteration of Android could bring along.

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Android P will let you use your smartphone as a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse, according to XDA Developers. The relevant APIs for developers are unhidden which closely gives us an idea that they can even take advantage of this particular functionality on the devices running Android P. Naturally, Google Pixel and Pixel 2 smartphones will also be the first smartphones to get the Android P update. These functions are of use when it comes to voice calls or music streaming over the Bluetooth feature.

The feature will allow you to use your phone as a trackpad, a joystick or a method of controlling other smart devices in your home via Bluetooth, the xda-developers report noted. While the majority of the Android devices do have a 3.5 mm audio jack, people find it convenient to use Bluetooth headsets with active noise cancellation. That means app developers can not create apps utilizing the service to enable your smartphone to be used as a basic keyboard/mouse input device.

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