DONTNOD Provides Exciting New Update on Upcoming 'Life is Strange' Game

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm gets bonus 'Farewell' episode on Xbox One and PC

Life is Strange 2 Details Coming Soon

Square Enix noted in a press release for the Farewell episode of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm that the development team at Dontnod will be revealing the next chapter in the franchise in coming months.

Life is odd was a uniquely twisted tale that had every player shocked by the end of its final episode. "Farewell" sees the return of Life is odd protagonist Max Caulfield, as well as the return of Max and Chloe's original voice actresses, Hannah Telle and Ashly Burch. As a further nice touch it also brings back the original voice actors Ashly Burch & Hannah Telle who resume their roles as Chloe and Max for this episode which adds so much to this bonus episode due to the fact that a different voice actor was used for Chloe in Before the Storm thanks to an union strike in the US. In an announcement to fans, Dontnod confirmed that a new game is coming, and it is unlikely that we will see either of the two current protagonists again. The "Farewell" episode brings us back to a special time in Chloe and Max's friendship, before everything seemed to fall apart. It encapsulates everything that makes Life is odd such an iconic series in how it dangles emotions in front of the player and is only enhanced if you have played both games.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. While we don't know too many details regarding the upcoming third installment of the series, it has been stated that Life is unusual 2 will feature a new cast of characters along with a brand new location.

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They both have their bright spots and weaknesses, showcased brilliantly throughout the Life is odd episodes and the Before the Storm prequel, but we never truly got a chance to see how the two interacted during their heyday as best friends until "Farewell". It's within this video game that we see the friendship and love blossom between Chloe Price and fellow rebellious school student Rachel Amber.

From the looks of it, the right time they mentioned then is closer than fans think.

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