New York Assembly passes 5 gun control bills

Assembly Dems: Ban 'bump stocks,' don't arm schools

New York State Senate Passes School Safety Measures

Meanwhile, the state Assembly on Tuesday passed its own set of gun control bills.

Bringing more guns into school has been a controversial idea, but lawmakers defended the bill.

Other bills would improve school security technology, improve access to mental health services, increase active shooter drills and enhance access to scanner technology and metal detectors at schools.

The Republican majority rejected the Democratic proposals. "So we can say we have made every effort to address the scourge of gun violence in our communities", said Heastie. "I am compelled to vote no".

You'd think Republican leaders night be sweating, but Sen.

To help recruit better-trained school resource officers, the Senate passed a measure granting a waiver to retired police officers under age 65 who are limited by state law to earning no more than $30,000 in a public-sector job while collecting a state pension.

Mr. Tedisco rose immediately, calling Mr. Hoylman and other Democrats hypocrites for benefiting from security at the Capitol but not wanting the same for their constituents.

"The people of the state of NY deserve to have their kids protected as much as any one of the politicians that are sitting in the Legislative Office Building or the state Capitol". Mr. Felder has been pressured to rejoin the Democrats, but has said that his decision to do so could come down to which party supports his efforts to get armed police officers in schools.

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"Having an armed security person didn't prevent what happened in Florida", Heastie said.

Tom King, president of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, said his group favors measures to better protect students in schools "rather than doing these insane, witch hunt-style laws that are not protecting anybody".

"This is 'Wednesday Trump.' Who knows what we're going to get next?" one senator said, referring to Trump on Wednesday endorsing gun control measures, the Hill reported.

The Assembly's measure regarding domestic violence convictions and guns is similar to a proposal Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveiled as part of his 2018 agenda.

"I give the New York State Senate Republicans a lot of credit for stepping up and naming the problem rather than trying to blame it on an inanimate object, " King said of the bills passed in the Senate.

The Assembly also passed a bill requiring a 10-day waiting period before a firearm can be delivered to a person whose background check is delayed, instead of the existing three-day period.

Among the bills approved by the Assembly was legislation that would allow judges to issue so-called Extreme Risk Protection Orders to block individuals considered likely to harm themselves or others from possessing or purchasing guns.

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