Supreme Court upholds Hadiya's marriage, says no love jihad

Kerala'Love Jihad Case Hadiya Wins Freedom Supreme Court Validates Her Marriage

Hadiya Wins Freedom

Reading out the operative part of the Supreme Court order, Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra said Hadiya was summoned to the court where she admitted her marriage to Shafin Jahan. The Kerala High Court's order had annulled her validity of the marriage.

In January, the Supreme Court had directed the NIA that it could not go into the marital status of Hadiya, after saying that she was an adult.

In response, the Kerala high court had annulled Hadiya's marriage, placing her in the custody of her father after the prosecutors said they feared for her well-being. "But for my efforts, my daughter would have been transported overseas and become untraceable", he said while alleging that Hadiya was so deeply conditioned that she has gone to the extent of alleging that her mother attempted to poison or drug her.

The Supreme Court recently had said that if Hadiya comes to Court and says that she has married by choice, that will be the end of it. For example, when a 16-year-old girl marries an 80-year-old man because she is poverty stricken or is being coerced.

Hadiya, in her affidavit before the top court, had earlier said that she converted to Islam and married Jahan on her own and wanted to remain like that. The top court had in November 2017 freed Hadiya from her parents and sent her to persue her studies. She also sought for permission to live as Jahan's wife.

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The Supreme Court said the NIA could continue with its probe into the alleged love jihad case of Kerala but it cannot investigate the marital status of the man and the woman.

Hadiya, born a Hindu, had converted to Islam to marry Jahan, setting off cries of religious conversion by the Hindu Right which termed it as 'love jihad'.

Mar 8: SC restores Hadiya's marriage with Shafin Jahan, sets aside Kerala HC's annulment order.

Judges overturned a lower court's ruling that the December 2016 marriage between Akhila Ashokan and Shafin Jahan was illegal.

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