Nintendo finally allows use of My Nintendo Gold Points to buy games

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My Nintendo Gold Points can be used to buy Switch games

My Nintendo users will accrue My Nintendo Gold Points at a rate of 5% per dollar for digital purchases, and 1% per dollar for physical purchases. There is a little update page of the shop showing the amount of Gold Coins you will earn when purchasing a game.

Under the current model, 100 My Nintendo Gold Points are equal to $1 AUD. Starting today, you'll be able to spend your points on discounts on any digital piece of content on the Nintendo Switch, except for in-game purchases, automatic renewals, passes and virtual currency. Now you've got somewhere to put all the points you've accrued, and it's very simple to apply them to your purchase.

Nintendo, however, is claiming that early adopters of the console are not seeing playtime data from a year ago because it is "displaying incorrectly" for some users.

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You can earn Gold Points by buying eligible games and downloadable content for Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS, based on the amount that you have paid. This purchase will earn players 300 Gold Points, resulting in $3.00 of redeemable points available for their next purchase.

Nintendo has rolled out some big changes to the My Nintendo rewards program. Don't get too excited though, as the conversion is extremely low - as in, one point equals one cent. My Nintendo members now have the option to use some of the points they've accumulated to purchase certain Switch games from Nintendo's digital store.

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