Twitter may eventually let anyone become verified

Twitter may eventually let anyone become verified

Twitter Is Planning To Make Everyone Verified

The application process to receive a badge remains suspended while the company designs a new way to authenticate and verify users.

Twitter's CEO says more people will have access to verification, but the verification process is going to roll out in sequences so that the company can put more focus on what they think are the most significant issues around verification, starting with USA elections.

The Periscope livestream featured Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey alongside some other Twitter executives discussing the future of the platform. Dorsey said the company's priority is verification around candidates in the 2020 US election, to ensure people see credibility on the platform.

The topic of user verification also came up during the Periscope stream, with Dorsey stating that verification would soon be available to all users "The intention is to open verification to everyone", said Dorsey.

Twitter has not revealed any details on how its extended verification process might work. Eventually, the company began verifying other high-profile figures, including journalists, which made the checkmark perceived as a status symbol on the platform.

It's complicated. A little blue check mark can say so much, but that's part of the problem, stated Director of Product Management David Gasca, who is leading a team to rework their verification system.

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Last week, Dorsey invited outside experts to propose ways to evaluate the "health" of conversation on Twitter and devise remedies for the toxic elements found on the social media platform.

When Twitter first added the blue checkmark to indicate verified profiles, it was originally given out to large public figures, such as celebrities. Users had to comply with specific rules, prove their identity, and finally be judged by Twitter as worthy of being verified.

Twitter envisioned the feature as a way to differentiate genuine accounts from imposters, though users view it as an endorsement of the user.

He also added that the objective of the checkmark, which is to establish identity, is often misunderstood with some people believing it implied credibility.

If everyone does get verified, it should mean that real users become easily identifiable while unverified trolls and bot accounts stand out more. "We're going to be as open as we can", Dorsey said.

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