21 more flu-related deaths reported in IN, 265 in total

Flu lingering numbers dropping quickly

Hospital lifts visitation restrictions

The numbers help health officials compare one flu season to another.

Some "natural" health websites have misrepresented remarks of a Wisconsin county public health nurse, Anna Treague, who was trying to explain to a local newspaper why this year's influenza vaccine was not as effective as other years.

For the fourth week in a row, there was a decrease in the number of doctor visits for flu-like illness, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Friday. "I continue to urge people to take precautions to prevent contracting or spreading the flu". "There still is a lot of flu out there", Dr. Alicia Fry, who works in the influenza division at the CDC, said Friday, according to NPR.

Cabaj said the effectiveness of the flu vaccine against the dominant strain has been lower than health officials would like.

So far this season, 276 people have died in the state.

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The uncommonly harsh flu season claimed another seven lives in CT in recent days, but the worst of the outbreak appears to be over, health officials announced Thursday. In particular, H7N9, seen primarily in China but not in the United States, is most resistant, he said. But vaccination is not only about protecting individuals, it also creates "herd immunity".

The mutated flu strand would likely arise from a cross between avian flu and another animal's flu, which would make it more powerful, with a potential to wipe out a large portion of the globe.

The state is also seeing its first week in regional activity after experiencing widespread activity the past 11 weeks, which means flu-related activity is present in less than half the state's regions.

Flu pandemics happen once in a generation, professor Robert Dingwall, another flu expert, told The Sun Online. Data is collected from 143 national influenza centres in 114 countries, which report on virus types doing the rounds, based on throat and nose swabs of patients.

"There is a very limited amount you can do, there's personal hygiene measures, washing your hands and trying to avoid putting your hands on contaminated surfaces in public then in your mouth".

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