Amazon Alexa calling and messaging comes to Fire, Android and iOS tablets

Alexa now lets you make audio and video calls on Android tablets                   By Ida Torres

Alexa now lets you make audio and video calls on Android tablets By Ida Torres

Amazon has since recognized the issue and promised to work on a fix.

Another Twitter user reported that Alexa began laughing in the middle of an office conversation: "I asked why she laughed and she said, 'Sorry, I am not sure'".

Amazon's Alexa smart home assistant just got a little bit smarter and a little bit easier to talk to.

When Amazon launched the Echo Show in May 2017, it introduced Alexa calling and messaging, a free-to-use feature that lets Amazon Echo owners and those with the Alexa app on their smartphone to make and receive calls and messages. The company suggested in an email that the laughs had occurred "in rare circumstances" because the speaker was picking up a "false positive" for the command "Alexa, laugh". One fix will involve disabling the phrase: "Alexa, laugh", and they have also changed the command to "Alexa, can you laugh?"

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The robot wars are coming, and Alexa will have the last laugh. So, for example, if you say "Alexa, turn on the lights", and then say "set the temperature to 68" after that command is done, the speaker will still hear you and process that information.

Apart from the unsolicited laughs, some users also shared their experiences of when Alexa refused to do tasks they had requested.

Alexa will not listen for a follow-up question if the Echo device is playing music or audiobooks, or if you are on a call through the Echo. If you need a lot doing, you can end up saying "Alexa" so many times that it starts to sound like a fake word or that you're going slightly mad talking to someone who isn't actually real.

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