JK minister Haseeb Drabu sacked after saying Kashmir 'not political' issue

Supreme Court

Supreme Court

They said that the statement of Dr Drabu had triggered a controvesry in the state especially in the Kashmir valley as the issue is said to be political and needed to be resolved "politically". Malik claimed Drabu used to talk to him for hours before joining mainstream and while "praising JKLF's efforts for liberation of Jammu and Kashmir from illegal occupation of India", he presented ideas and concepts for it.

Around 130 ambassadors, government officials and business leaders attended the event.

During a conference in New Delhi on Friday evening, Drabu had said that Kashmir was not a political issue. I believe he (Drabu) is speaking on behalf of the chief minister.

Reminding Haseeb Drabu of his old words and commitments, JKLF chairman said that right from 1947, history of Jammu Kashmir has witnessed venal people whoused freedom movement as a launching pad for gaining access to power politics and thus sold out their conscience for petty gains. The minister's statement had drawn criticism from the political fraternity of the state. "The comment made by him terming Kashmir as a social issue is far from the truth when the whole world recognises it as a political issue pending for a solution for the last 70 years", KCCI president Javid Ahmed Tenga said in a statement here.

The PDP Sunday had asked Drabu to explain his position.

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Party vice-president Madni also advised all senior leaders of the party to be careful while issuing statements and making observations on the basic political philosophy and core agenda of the party.

Drabu tried to defend himself by blaming the media for quoting him selectively.

He also asked Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti: "What message are you trying to convey when the situation is so tense in the Valley?" Many leaders of the PDP often complained to Mehbooba Mufti about the "arrogant" style and dealings of the now former finance minister, even with his own party workers. "Drabu was one of them", said a source. He said that time has come to expose these charlatans who for their petty interests are harming the national interests of the people of Jammu Kashmir.

Drabu was a key PDP pointsman in setting the contours of its alliance with the BJP in 2015.

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