Taylor Swift premieres 'Delicate' music video during iHeartRadio Awards

Taylor Swift Drops 'Delicate' Video, Dances Like No Ones Watching!

Taylor Swift Has Released A Fancy Music Video For Her Track 'Delicate'

Tay also took home Female Artist of the Year at the iHeartRadio Awards. There's a hilarious scene of her making amusing faces in a mirror, reminiscent of her quirky side we see in the "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" video.

Swift quickly realizes she's invisible, ditches her heels and the bottom half of her dress, and proceeds to literally dance like no one's watching.

Watch the "Delicate" video below! Once she realizes this, she's free to make ridiculous faces in the bathroom mirror, throw down some insane dance moves, twirl about in the rainy streets, and even perform the splits on a parked vehicle. Do you like the new music video from Taylor Swift?

It's here that Swift really gives it her all, jumping in puddles like Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain and spinning on the roof of an old auto before falling into some impressive splits, before she walks into a bar.

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In the video for 'Delicate, ' Taylor Swift covers many famous landmarks in Downtown Los Angeles.

"Honey the freedom and the happiness you showed in the video was everything...such an incredible reminder to be yourself and to never be afraid to do what's right for you I LOVE YOU", wrote another.

What could be a better lead-in for the premiere of a new video than winning a Best Video award? A clear fan favourite since the album's release, "Delicate" is vastly different from the previous three singles.

We think it's one of the best songs on the album.

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