WhatsApp extends message deletion window beyond an hour

iOS Users: WhatsApp Will Now Give You 68 minutes To Delete A Message For Everyone

Whatsapp will make a HUGE change to its app and lots of users are very happy

WABetaInfo has noticed that the latest version of WhatsApp extends that time limit significantly to one hour, eight minutes, and 16 seconds.

The ability to delete a message after sending it first rolled out during October 2017, and users had 7 minutes to delete a sent message.

In a bid to improve user-experience in its messenger app, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has brought several new features in the last few months, including delete for everyone option in the group to erase unintended messages in wrong channels, colored background in the status update and more. "A new WhatsApp for iOS update (2.18.31) is available on AppStore". The instant messaging app has now, therefore, added a "Block revoke request' feature".

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An hour means you now have far longer to delete messages sent by mistake, or can wipe out entire conversations from a friend's phone.

Earlier, when a recipient received this particular message containing the revoke request, WhatsApp checked if the ID of the message was present in the database and if the original message was found, it directly deleted it without checking any other important information. This message has the same ID as the one the user wants to delete. The post points out that this will make sure no-one can illegally delete messages older than 24 hours for everyone. This will ensure that nobody can fool the system to delete messages for everyone dating back to three years. The Twitter account said, "In order to stop these bad users, WhatsApp has implemented a "Block revoke request" feature". The update is a step to curb exploitation of a feature that was deemed useful by those using the platform.

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