'American Idol' Reboot Judges Open Up About Reality TV Competition

Katy Perry

'American Idol' 2018 ABC Premiere: How To Watch and What You Need To Know

Now, on its new home ABC, the popular singing competition premiered on Sunday, March 11, in search for the next Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.

It won't make anyone forget the early incarnation of "American Idol" that struck so much fear in the heats of rival programmers that they would refer to it in hushed tones as "the Death Star", but ABC's revival of the once-colossal musical competition series delivered strong numbers for a Sunday night in 2018.

Our Madison affiliate WKOW 27 News sent her to the front of the line in Chicago for the national auditions, where show producers sent her to Nashville to sing in front of the new American Idol judges. Even when he says no to someone, they leave with a smile plastered on their face.

In its heyday, American Idol dominated television and online chatter. Then, host Ryan Seacrest threw the audience for a loop with two words: "For now". "Katy said she could see herself listening to my voice all day with a drink in her hand".

CM Punk Teases Return to the Octagon at UFC 225 in Chicago
His one and only fight to date ended in disaster that night, as he was steamrolled by the younger, more talented Mickey Gall . Punk, who lives in his native Chicago, immediately said he meant to fight again but has been relatively quiet since.

Channing Dungey, ABC entertainment president, and Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Freemantle Media CEO said in a recent statement that they are standing by Seacrest.

But this time, Julica had her biggest supporter with her, her 2-year-old daughter Mikova. "Everyone was crying. I was crying and then Luke Bryan came out, and he shakes my mom and dad's hand and says, 'You birthed a attractive mind, ' and all of that stuff". "Obviously it's unfortunate. I'm not privy to the details".

Some minor detail did change, however. She gets a ticket to Hollywood. I'd give the audition about a C- but I do really like her. But Alyssa proved what I've said countless times - it doesn't matter how old you are because talent is talent. "At the end I was exhausted, I was really emotional, I was kind of angry". The Texas teen hoped her audition on last night's show would redeem her. He does not get the golden ticket - at first.

When Benjamin told the judges that he hadn't kissed a girl, as he couldn't do so without being in a relationship, Katy Perry asked him to come over to her desk for his first kiss. Now 16, this country music singer came into the audition room and performed an original song called "Yard Sale".

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