How to get Mario Kart on Google Maps this week


Mario comes to Google Maps

In order to make this happen, Google Maps has introduced a new feature that will let drivers swap the traditional navigation arrow with Mario and your ride with Mario begins.

The company is celebrating the mustachioed plumber-turned-racer on his special day MAR10 Day - also known as March 10, he said in a blog post late on Friday. On March 10, which has been dubbed "Mario Day", Google chose to give users the chance to be guided by Super Mario himself.

Google Maps, meet Mario Kart.

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Google has rolled out a new feature in its Maps app on Saturday, which is available to both Android and iOS users. Once enabled, users would notice that the regular navigation arrow has morphed into Mario - the 1990s' video game character.

The Japanese game company is now working on "Mario Kart Tour", the first time the series will appear on smartphones. In fact, in 2014, Google and the Pokémon Company (which Nintendo jointly owns) teamed up for an April Fools joke that put Pokémon all over the map.

Gamification was missing on Google Maps and by paying homage to the Nintendo game, things like Donkey Kong and other games may show up as icons on Google Maps. To try it out, search for a destination and tap the Directions button, but instead of tapping Start, tap the question mark block in the lower-right corner and then tap Let's-A-Go! when prompted. Just be on the lookout for blue shells and banana peels.

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