Israeli PM Netanyahu Reaches Deal With Allies to Avert Early Election

Netanyahu dives into last-ditch negotiations to save coalition

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But sources close to Netanyahu said Monday that if Yisrael Beytenu minister Sofa Landver votes against a controversial conscription bill, he would fire her, and Liberman said that if Netanyahu fires Landver, his party would leave Netanyahu's coalition, which could lead to the prime minister initiating an election. But rival parties have threatened to bolt the coalition over the issue, raising the possibility of early elections.

Members of Netanyahu's government have argued in recent days over whether to extend the exemptions demanded by ultra-Orthodox leaders.

The country's attorney general is now examining whether to indict Netanyahu in two separate cases. The long-serving ruler could hope for a successful run in early elections as way to cement his political legitimacy in the face of the scandals.

The crisis within Netanyahu's right-wing coalition follows speculation over whether the premier wants early polls to bolster his political standing ahead of his possible indictment for bribery in the coming months.

The prime minister is beset by several corruption allegations, and his coalition partners have hinted that they would likely dismantle the government should he be indicted.

Since then, police have opened a separate investigation into suspicions that Netanyahu, as communications minister, pushed regulation worth hundreds of millions of dollars to Israel's national telecom company Bezeq. There is one way only, smear Netanyahu.

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Many, however, are too scared to leave through corridors set up by the Syrian government and their Russian allies. The group also did not say when the evacuations would begin or where the wounded would be taken.

But in a late meeting Sunday, ultra-Orthodox factions told Netanyahu they would agree to support the budget if the military conscription bill passed the ministerial committee and an initial parliamentary reading, postponing a final vote until the summer session.

Netanyahu has denied the charges and wrongdoing in any of the cases.

"You want elections before the public knows the truth about your personal corruption, before people who know you and worked with you and know what you did say the whole truth", said opposition lawmaker Tzipi Livni.

But progress has been made on a compromise that could lessen the chances of elections for the time being.

Police have already recommended Netanyahu be charged in two corruption cases.

Netanyahu met with U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley before viewing the exhibition and praised her strong support for Israel at the United Nations, saying: "We call her hurricane Haley".

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