Japan calls for North Korean steps toward denuclearization

China Russia Welcome Korean Peace Efforts With Diplomacy In Overdrive

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met South Korea's National Security chief Chung Eui-yon in Moscow

Previous meetings between North Korean and American officials have taken place in Pyongyang, including a 2000 meeting between U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Kim's father and predecessor Kim Jong Il.

Twenty-seven percent said they welcomed and trusted the North. "President Trump isn't doing this for theatre".

"Talk is certainly better than war", she said.

It may be that Kim craves the recognition and Trump the flattery, but these caricatures are irrelevant. They have made promises to denuclearize. "I believe they will honor that commitment!"

"So look, I know it's easy to presume the worst because Trump is basically a nuclear knowledge free zone, but what if he gets it right anyway?" The Winter Olympics provided the venue for contacts between the south and north Korean countries. It is also a nuclear power, in possession of 20 to 60 nuclear weapons. The worldwide community accused the North of using money from the complex for its weapons programs.

By contrast, the North Korea already has up to 60 nuclear weapons. Trump now has the opportunity to achieve what no president has been able to achieve in seven decades of U.S. Threats and juvenile taunts about having a bigger nuclear button only ratchet up tensions. But, say experts, it could also be that North Korea wants a propaganda "win" in terms of face-to-face talks between Kim and Trump, and wants the U.S. to accept it as a legitimate nuclear-armed state.

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This caught the U.S.by surprise. North Korea reneged on its 1994 pledge to the U.S.to freeze nuclear development and instead raced ahead.

Sweden has held unofficial talks in the past, and North Korea's foreign minister is expected to visit soon, according to Swedish media.

While the president pleaded for nationwide support for the success of the upcoming talks overseas, his key officials began carrying out Mr. Moon's efforts to bring jittery regional powers on board.

Zhang Liangui, a professor and Korea scholar at the Central Party School in Beijing, emphasized that the North Korea nuclear issue "involves geopolitical and regional security and China naturally should take an active part in it". It is separated from the world by a wall, so it lives in the shadows, which allows propaganda, fear, lies and rumor to define reality. Sustaining maximum pressure on North Korea through sanctions, which was likely a factor in Kim's outreach to Seoul and his offer to meet with Trump, will require continued Chinese cooperation. Trump and Moon would be wise to suspend this spring's U.S. -South Korean military exercises "a remarkable step forward" and a result of Trump's tough approach.

Any agreement will meet formidable obstacles. Officials note that North Korea failed to honor earlier agreements. Only then, they say, would economic actions against the North be reduced.

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