Why Tuesday's Special Election in Pennsylvania Matters So Much

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Trump stumps for Republican Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania — live updates

"He said 'We have a zero tolerance policy". We have to have him, " he said.

Such is the potential significance of the latest race that the president himself stumped on Saturday for Saccone in District 18, which Trump won by 22% in 2016. The Cook Political Report downgraded it "Toss Up" on February 28, and recent polls have the pair in a statistical dead heat.

National Republicans have argued that Saccone has been a lackluster fundraiser with an ineffective campaign.

In contrast, Lamb has raised over $3 million directly and has largely operated without the support of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which some operatives admit could have been a liability for him.

The race is much closer than the area's voting history would have suggested. He's also backed several of Trump's policies, including the president's recent steel tariffs.

Trump also railed against top Democrats rumored to be considering a presidential bid in 2020.

Saccone, a state legislator, is running against Democrat Conor Lamb, a former federal prosecutor, for the House seat vacated by Rep. Tim Murphy, a Republican who resigned after reports he tried to persuade a mistress to get an abortion.

His recent move imposing a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum import is popular in the district: Saccone and Lamb have both expressed support for the tariffs and the United Steelworkers Union, which represents almost 18,000 union members in the district is also on board.

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When the cameras were invited to a White House meeting with Trump and bipartisan lawmakers a few weeks ago, Trump seemed so open to gun-control proposals that he accused one of the most pro-gun-control Republicans in the Senate, Patrick J. Toomey (Pa.), of being afraid of the NRA because Toomey's universal background check bill from 2013 also didn't raise the age limit for buying assault rifles. "I don't know if we're ready - I don't know if this country's ready for it", Trump said. Saccone told Fox's Neil Cuvato in an interview Friday that his district is "steel town" and the people of his district support the president's new tariffs on steel and aluminum. An upset would embolden them as they look to win in places where the party has lost ground in recent decades, and it would spook Republicans about their prospects in this tempestuous era of Trump. "Women! We love you!"

Trump spent a lot of time talking about his own fortunes in a "Make America Great Again" rally for Saccone in an airport hangar at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

The 18th District is a rural district in southwestern Pennsylvania. "I'm battle-tested and ready to serve". The stakes for Tuesday's special election couldn't be higher for the Republican Party. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has struck down the map, and Lamb is likely to run next fall against Rep. Keith Rothfus (R-PA) in a much less conservative district than the gerrymandered one he's now trying to win.

He went on to comment on the deal he offered the democrats regarding DACA.

Trump also delivered a profane attack on the news media, including NBC and CNN.

"They had state judges that are Democrats change your voting districts - what kind of stuff is that?" "That said, this is more an issue of a mediocre candidate, and mediocre is a kind way to describe him, versus a very good candidate".

It's not clear whether Trump's presence on the campaign trail three days before the race will boost turnout, but Saccone was hoping it would.

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