Google to Ban Ads for Cryptocurrency & Initial Coin Offering from June

Google to Ban Ads for Cryptocurrencies

Google Trust & Safety ad removals in 2017

Alphabet Inc. owned Google LLC has recently announced that it is going to block ads for "cryptocurrencies and related content" in its updated policy, as reported by Bloomberg. Meanwhile, the updated policy of Google for crypto and ICO ads will be effectively implemented from June 2018.

Stansfield revealed that many website owners used the firm's advertising platforms, like AdSense, to run Google ads on their sites and content and make money.She said Google paid $12.6 billion back to the publishing partners in its ad network a year ago. Last year, we removed 2 million pages for policy violations each month.

Blocked 79 million ads for trying to send us to malware-infected websites.

Deceptive content is always changing as bad actors try to game the system.

Bulldog reportedly dies in overhead bin on United Airlines flight
The owner was ordered to put the carrier in the overhead bin, and the woman was told the dog would be fine up there, Lara wrote . The airline assumed full responsibility for the tragedy and said it would be supporting the family who lost their dog.

More frequently, we see violations of our scraping content policy. For example, a site where you can buy fake diplomas or plagiarised term papers and this new policy allows them to take action on sites for misrepresenting themselves or deceiving users with their content.

Last year's bad ad total was 1.7bn which, presumably, means that Google is doing more or the scammers are getting worse. The company suspended 7,000 customer accounts for ads that impersonated a news article - what Google calls "tabloid cloaking" - and blocked more than 12,000 websites for copying information from other publications.

It also added 28 new advertiser policies and 20 new publisher policies to combat new threats and including policies against discrimination and intolerance beyond current hate speech protections. And now, another tech giant, which is widely renowned for its range of internet products and services, Google is planning to ban online advertisements promoting cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs) from June. And we will introduce a new certification process for rehabilitation facilities, allowing legitimate addiction treatment centers to connect with people in need. As consumer trends evolve, as our methods to protect the open web get better, so do online scams.

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