YouTube will augment conspiracy theories with Wikipedia excerpts

Source YouTube

Source YouTube

She said information cues would first roll out to topics for which there are a significant number of YouTube videos.

Wojcicki described YouTube's new counter-conspiracy initiative as providing "information cues": text boxes linking to Wikipedia and other sources that will show up in videos flagged as promoting alternate facts.

YouTube will use information from Wikipedia in attempts to combat conspiracy theories. During the SXSW interview, Wojcicki acknowledged the challenge of policing the world's largest internet-video service, and said YouTube would need to continue to employ human moderators to screen content in addition to automated processes.

The solution could be easily scaled, which is a necessity given the number of videos that perpetuate false information. Wojcicki says that, in the case of the moon landing, for example, both conspiracy videos and documentaries would have the link. The approach primarily began after the mass shooting that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 students and faculty members dead.

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Google has always been trying to address the problem of controversial YouTube content such as conspiracy theory videos, but it hasn't enjoyed much success.

Though music and gaming videos are far more popular on YouTube, the company has made addressing the criticism around news and science videos a top priority this year.

The new feature will be launched in the next months. Talking to WIRED, Wojcicki explained that YouTube will initially focus on conspiracy theories that have a lot of discussion surrounding them: chemtrails, moon landings, fluoride and similar. The effort has primarily been considered a failure.

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