Cronut Maker Rolls Out Google's Pi Day Doodle

What is Pi day

Pi day is observed annually on March 14, also there is an implied pun on the words ‘pi’ and ‘pie

This year's Pi Day is the 30th anniversary of its first commemoration back in 1988, when physicist Larry Shaw first organized the holiday in San Francisco based on the date - 3/14 - the first three digits of the infinite, irrational number that has been utilized in mathematics and science for thousands of years. Pi, which is quite popular among students around the world as it represents the ratio of the circumference of any circle to its diameter.

The worldwide day of Pi was first recognized in 1988 by physicist Larry Shaw.

The Google doodle is celebrating Pi day in honour of the never ending sequence of numbers that forms a cornerstone of mathematics. This year the Pi-Day completes 30 years. On the other, food lovers see the day as an excuse to bake pies, which is both ingenious and delicious-and lucrative for food brands like Genius Kitchen (see our recipe for Surprise Rainbow Pi Day Cake). The rise of computing technology has led to an arms race of sorts to calculate ever more digits of pi: the current record was set past year by Christian physicist Peter Trueb, calculated pi to 22.4 trillion digits - 22,459,157,718,361, to be exact - outpacing the previous record set in 2013 by 9 million digits. It was however, William Jones, a mathematician from Wales, who first gave the Greek letter its current mathematical definition.

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For those who don't remember, Pi is the one of the values used in geometry to calculate the area or circumference of circles, semicircles, cones, spheres and hemispheres.

Archimedes has been the first to discover the first two decimals of the Pi number. The Pilish dialect was invented, in which the numbers of letters in successive words matched the digits of pi.

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