Prime Minister Justin Trudeau back in Regina to talk steel

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada already has

Trudeau discussed with the trump of duty (PHOTOS)

Speaking in the city known as "Steeltown", just days after U.S. President Donald Trump decided against import tariffs on Canadian aluminum and steel, Trudeau said he's been working on the file for the past two years.

"We have a whole suite of tariff and countervailing duties that are at our disposal to move forward and ensure that we are not accepting in unfairly produced or sold steel into Canada", he said. "But, we know there's a win-win-win we can get to", Trudeau told one employee at the Algoma steel facility.

Canada is the biggest supplier of steel and aluminum to the United States but the steel sector accounted for only 22,000 direct jobs and represented 2 percent of exports previous year.

In a phone call from the smelter town, Trudeau thanked Trump for the "special consideration" extended to Canada on the tariffs, and emphasized the importance of preserving "mutually beneficial" supply chains to support jobs and businesses on both sides of the border, his office said. "We had your backs last week and we always will".

Canada and Mexico pushed back staunchly against steel and aluminum tariffs, with Canada in particular saying it'd be inconceivable to slap them on a close military ally under justification of a national security risk.

Galimberti said the meeting with Trudeau was an "important affirmation" that the government's months-long involvement in the issue would continue.

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"These are things that I highlighted to the president".

The American administration has expressed a desire to get a NAFTA deal in a hurry and some prominent members have been suggesting that the threat of steel and aluminum tariffs might prod the negotiations along.

He asked after their families and how they had been coping with the possibility of US tariffs that he had repeatedly said would have a devastating impact in Canada.

The prime minister will meet with both bosses and union leaders at a Rio Tinto aluminum factory in Jonquiere, about 200 kilometres north of Quebec City. "Our steel, our aluminium is in their tanks and ships and planes".

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is brushing off the idea that Canada might be coerced into making concessions at the NAFTA negotiating table under the pressure of tariff threats from the United States.

Canada, the biggest supplier of steel and aluminum to the United States, escaped Trump's import duties along with Mexico, but the two countries could still face duties if they fail to negotiate a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) deal.

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