Egyptians overseas continue to vote in their country's presidential elections

Fattah al Sisi

Fattah al Sisi

In a Friday statement, the Foreign Ministry said Egyptians living overseas had begun casting ballots at Egyptian embassies and consulates worldwide.

It is significant that the Egyptian Elections Committee is not allowing any foreign monitors to cover the electoral process.

Egypt's NEA spokesman Mahmoud El-Sherif said in a press conference in Cairo that the voting process was "no different" than it was on the first day, which marked the first day of elections for Egyptians overseas. The Committee set a condition for the worldwide organisations which desired to monitor the election that their agents must be Egyptians and registered on the electoral records.

Due to political unrest and a worsening security situation, the elections would not take place in three countries: Yemen, Syria and Libya.

Voting for Egyptian expats is set to last until Sunday 18 March.

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The presidential vote will be conducted in Egypt from March 26 to 28.

Presidential hopeful Moussa Moustafa Moussa hailed the intensive participation of Egyptian voters overseas in the March vote.

President Sisi said on Thursday his government had fulfilled its promises during his first term and called on Egyptians to vote in large numbers to give the victor a strong mandate.

The primary results of the first round of the election will be announced on March 29, where decisions on appeals submitted by candidates, if any, will be made.

The announcement came three days after Russian flagship carrier Aeroflot said it would restart flights between the two capitals from April 11.

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